What are the three major categories of Code of Ethics? (2024)

What are the three major categories of Code of Ethics?

The main types of codes of ethics include a compliance-based code of ethics, a value-based code of ethics, and a code of ethics among professionals.

What are three main categories of ethical behavior?

What is the difference? Normative Ethics is focused on the creation of theories that provide general moral rules governing our behavior, such as Utilitarianism or Kantian Ethics.

What are the three 3 types of business ethics?

Different forms of business ethics are: Personal responsibility. Corporate responsibility. Social responsibility.

What are the three major categories of the code for real estate?

The Code is categorized into three sections: Duties to Clients and Customers, Duties to the Public, and Duties to REALTORS®.

What are the three most important components of the ethics code?

When writing your company's code of ethics, look at both the legal, compliance and value-based components that are important in defining and running your company successfully.

What are the principles of code of ethics?

The core ethical principles of beneficence (do good), nonmaleficence (do not harm), autonomy (control by the individual), and justice (fairness) stated by Beauchamp and Childress7 are important to a code of ethics.

What are the three categories that 3 public commercial real estate debt is comprised of?

Purpose. Finally, the purpose of commercial real estate debt typically falls into one of three categories: purchase, refinance, or construction.

What are the three basic types of listing contracts these include all of the following?

The three types of real estate listing agreements are open listing, exclusive agency listing, and exclusive right-to-sell listing. The listing agreement is an employment contract rather than a real estate contract: The broker is hired to represent the seller, but no property is transferred between the two.

Who is subject to the Code of Ethics in real estate?

In other words, abiding by the Code of Ethics is required of all realtors — but not real estate agents in general. A real estate licensee agrees to follow the code at the time of their application to become a NAR member.

What are the three major divisions within ethics quizlet?

Normative Ethics, Metaethics, and Applied Ethics.

What is code of ethics and its types?

Ethics is a system of principles and values that guide behavior and decision-making. A code of ethics is a written statement or code of conduct regarding the values and principles of an organization that guides the members of the organization in its responsibility to all the organization's stakeholders.

What are the different types of ethics?

Ethics is traditionally subdivided into normative ethics, metaethics, and applied ethics.

What is a professional code of ethics?

Professional ethics are principles that govern the behaviour of a person or group in a business environment. Like values, professional ethics provide rules on how a person should act towards other people and institutions in such an environment.

What are the three types of capital debt?

Common types of debt capital are:
  • bank loans.
  • personal loans.
  • overdraft agreements.
  • credit card debt.

Which of the 3 C's of credit relates to if you have investments to use as collateral?

For example, when it comes to actually applying for credit, the “three C's” of credit – capital, capacity, and character – are crucial. 1 Specifically: Capital is savings and assets that can be used as collateral for loans.

What are the 3 Cs of conventional finance underwriting?

In considering your application, they look at a variety of factors, including your credit history, income and any outstanding debts. This important step in the process focuses on the three C's of underwriting — credit, capacity and collateral.

What are the three 3 parts of a contract quizlet?

Explain the three essential elements of a contract. Any contract includes three essential elements: an offer, an acceptance, and consideration. The contract is formed when one party accepts the offer of another party.

What are the three most common types of listings quizlet?

three most common types of listings are:
  • Open Listing.
  • Exclusive Right to Sell Listing.
  • Exclusive Agency Listing.

What are the three elements of a contract quizlet?

If three essential elements are present a valid contract will created. These are the intention to create legal relations, offer and acceptance and consideration.

What is unethical Realtor behavior?

Misrepresentation or Concealment of Property Flaws

This could be a selling agent hiding property flaws or a buyer's agent overlooking flaws to progress the real estate transaction. This behavior is considered unethical because buyers rely on their real estate agent's expertise when deciding whether to purchase a home.

What is a violation of Code of Ethics in real estate?

REALTORS® having direct personal knowledge of conduct that may violate the Code of Ethics involving misappropriation of client or customer funds or property, willful discrimination, or fraud resulting in substantial economic harm, bring such matters to the attention of the appropriate Board or Association of REALTORS®. ...

What is the Article 11 of the Realtor Code of Ethics?

Article 11 of the Realtor Code of Ethics states that realtors are obligated to provide their clients with competent services within the scope of their licensing. In the real estate industry, competence is critical. It involves a realtor being able to present their clients with factual information and recommendations.

What is the industry classification code for real estate?

NAICS 531000 - Real Estate is part of: Sector 53 - Real Estate and Rental and Leasing. SOC Major Groups in NAICS 531000 - Real Estate: 00-0000 All Occupations.

What are the categories of the uses of real property?

Real property may be classified according to its general use as residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial, or special purpose.

What are the three general categories within the area of residential home construction?

When it comes to residential construction, there are three main types: wood-frame, masonry, and steel. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Wood-frame construction is the most common type.


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