How to dissolve lip filler naturally at home? (2023)

How can I make my lip fillers dissolve faster at home?

You cannot dissolve lip fillers at home. Only licensed medical professionals can administer the enzyme hyaluronidase. However, you can wait for your dermal fillers to dissolve on their own.

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How can I speed up lip fillers to dissolve?

To dissolve lip fillers, you'll need to receive injections of hyaluronidase (Hyalase) near the filler. Hyaluronidase is a concentrated synthetic form of an enzyme that naturally occurs in your body. When injected, it begins to break down the filler, speeding up the dissolving process that would take place over time.

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Can I dissolve my own filler?

No. Only dermal fillers made from hyaluronic acid can be dissolved with hyaluronidase. Other semi-permanent and permanent fillers cannot be removed with hyaluronidase. Hyaluronic acid filler that has become hard in consistency may require treatments other than simply hyaluronidase.

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Does chewing gum dissolve lip filler?

These wrinkles are caused by the repetitive motion of chewing, which causes the skin around the mouth to fold and eventually cause lines. Additionally, chewing gum after a filler treatment stops the results from lasting as long by dislodging the fillers.

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What does salt do to lip filler?

Skip the Salt

For the 48 hours immediately following your injections, you'll want to cut as much sodium out of your diet as possible. Salt may increase swelling, and because you're not going to the gym and sweating, your body won't be ridding itself naturally of the salt.

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Can heat dissolve fillers?

Avoid sunbathing, tanning, and any other intense heat, such as hot tubs, steam rooms or saunas. Excess sun and heat can degrade the hyaluronic acid found in many dermal fillers and reduce the intended effects.

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How do you get rid of lip fillers swelling ASAP?

Patients can:
  1. Apply a cold compress around the area, but not directly on the lips.
  2. Relax and avoid repetitive or harsh contact with the mouth and lips.
  3. Drink lots of water to keep the tissue hydrated.
  4. Apply aloe vera or a recommended cream to the lips for hydration and healing.
  5. Sleep with your head elevated.
Aug 11, 2022

(Dr. Anil Rajani)

How do you dissolve stubborn fillers?

Hyaluronidase is a concentrated synthetic version of the naturally occurring enzyme in our body. The hyaluronidase (Hyalase) will dissolve fillers when injected near them. Upon injection, it accelerates the dissolving process of breaking down the filler, which the body reabsorbs through a completely natural process.

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How do you soften hard lip fillers?

After your first injection has settled and healed, any undesired aesthetic effects can be fixed with a touch-up injection. Your doctor may use hyaluronidase, an injectable enzyme that will break down large lumps of the hyaluronic acid.

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Is there a way to naturally dissolve filler?

So while the body naturally breaks them down over time, there is a way to speed up the process: Injections of hyaluronidase. Hyaluronidase is what the body produces naturally to break down fillers, so by injecting more, it allows the lips to regain natural shape quicker, usually going down within 3-4 days.

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What else can you use to dissolve filler?

Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, Teosyal and Belotero can be dissolved using an enzyme called Hyaluronidase. This enzyme naturally occurs in our skin but can be injected at higher concentrations in order to rapidly remove unwanted filler.

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Does massaging filler break it down?

You should massage after having injectable filler in areas where the skin is thinner, such as the lips or lower eyelids, but massaging too much and in other areas could actually break down the filler, resulting in less volume. Or it may cause filler migration.

How to dissolve lip filler naturally at home? (2023)

Does drinking water dissolve lip filler?

Drink plenty of water. HA based fillers such as Juvederm work by using the water naturally stored in our tissues, by drinking plenty of water after having a dermal filler treatment it helps the filler hold its chaos and last for longer.

Will alcohol dissolve lip filler?

Although one drink most likely will not completely eradicate injectables, going overboard with drinking can cause Botox or fillers to diminish and also make side effects appear, even after treatment is done. Furthermore, alcohol can extremely dehydrate your body if you are overindulging.

Does ice dissolve lip filler?

Many patients wonder whether using an ice pack after lip fillers will “freeze” the filler or cause it to migrate. Fortunately, applying ice to the lips after JUVÉDERM injections is perfectly safe when patients follow their provider's instructions.

Does hot water melt lip fillers?

High heat makes the blood vessels dilate, which can prolong the swelling caused by the fillers. It's best to avoid high temperature rooms or 24 hours to 48 hours after dermal filler injections. If you're planning to take a shower immediately after your treatment, the water should be lukewarm.

What does ibuprofen do to lip fillers?

What happens if you take ibuprofen after lip fillers? Ibuprofen is a blood-thinning medication and will result in bruising after getting lip fillers. Hence, it is best to avoid it at all costs.

What can ruin lip fillers?

Avoid using drinking straws or smoking for at least 24 hours, as well. Puckering or contracting your lips may disturb the lip filler, too. You should also avoid drinking alcohol for at least 24 hours, as alcohol thins your blood, which can make bruising on your lips worse.

Why is my filler not dissolving?

If the filler is in a location further away from direct blood flow than other locations, then this means that cells that secrete hyaluronidase will not be able to reach the hyaluronic acid gel, and will therefore be unable to dissolve it.

How do you dissolve fillers without injections?

In case of complications after the use of hyaluronic acid, the use of hyaluronidase is very helpful, as it dissolves the excess filler. Hyaluronidase is an enzyme that can break down filler molecules.

What causes fillers to dissolve faster?

People with higher metabolisms will experience shorter filler results because their bodies will break the filler compound down faster than those with slower metabolisms. The same goes for other treatments such as BOTOX® and Dysport®.

Does Benadryl help with lip filler swelling?

To help alleviate swelling, we recommend an antihistamine during the day, such as Zyrtec or Claritin, and Benadryl at night.

How long does it take for lip filler swelling to dissolve?

Patients tend to report that lip swelling is the worst the first day after their injection, particularly in the morning. Swelling should go down within 2–3 days after your lip filler treatment, and should subside completely within 2 weeks post-treatment.

How long does it take for lip fillers to Unswell?

You may experience considerable swelling during the first two days of getting a lip filler injection. However, this swelling should subside by the fourth day. If you experience extreme swelling three or four days post treatment, you should consult your doctor or dentist immediately, as it may be something serious.

Can you dissolve lip filler immediately?

Lip fillers can be dissolved early, but only if these are a particular type of filler. Lip fillers that are made from hyaluronic acid can all be safely dissolved, including leading names like Juvederm, Restylane, and Belotero.

How long until lips are fully dissolved?

Dissolving lip fillers in Nottingham

Because dermal fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring skin compound, they are naturally dissolved by your body over a period of 6 – 18 months. This process uses a compound called hyaluronidase.

How long do fillers take to dissolve naturally?

Different fillers tend to naturally dissolve at different speeds. Most hyaluronic acid fillers used in the lips, jawline, and cheeks, including Juvederm and Restylane, metabolize after 6 months to a year. Sculptra can continue to provide results in the face for up to two years.

Why is my lip filler rock hard?

It should be noted that the lips may feel hard for around two weeks after injections. This is due to swelling, the filler settling, and the healing process. After all of this resolves, your lips should feel natural.

How do you massage a lump out of lip fillers?

Whilst it is somewhat normal to feel small lumps, depending on how thick the filler used was), if they feel one lump in particular, they can gently massage it in between their finger and their thumb, over a period of time, and it will help to “break down” the lump.

Why does my lip filler feel hard and lumpy?

Not to worry though, lumps following a filler treatment are completely normal. The lumps you may experience are often caused by swelling and bruising of the treated area. We would not recommend massaging or using force to reduce the lumps yourself, as this may impact your final results.

How long does it take for lip fillers to dissolve naturally?

Lip fillers can take 6-12 months to dissolve naturally but if you're unhappy with how you look, have visible bumps from the initial injections, or have other complications you may want quicker results.

Why are my lips wrinkly after dissolving?

If the lips are overfilled and kept this way for a long time, this can stretch out the overlying skin.” As excess filler is dissolved after an extended period of time, Dr. Lee says this can lead to wrinkles in the overlying skin as there is loss of volume.

Which filler Cannot be dissolved?

Can all fillers be dissolved? Fillers with silicone (which are sometimes used in the lips and face, cannot be dissolved). Other semi-permanent fillers such as Scultpra and Radiesse also can't be dissolved. But temporary fillers, such as Hyaluronic Acid (HA) fillers can easily be dissolved.

How do you dissolve lip fillers and redo them?

“You can re-do the lip filler in as soon as one day to one week, depending on how much has been dissolved and how you feel,” she notes. “If there is bruising, it would be best to wait a few days for that to resolve before re-treating.”

How much hyaluronidase does it take to dissolve lip fillers?

A consensus opinion in the literature states five units of hyaluronidase is needed to break down 0.1ml of 20mg/ml HA, although there is quite a range. It is recommended to inject as much hyaluronidase as required to obtain the desired effect rather than following an absolute dosage.

Can you massage out lip filler?

However, it's important to avoid over-massaging the lips or applying too much pressure, as this could cause the filler to break down or move out of place. In addition, over-massaging the lips could also cause bruising or swelling, which could affect the overall appearance of the lips and the results of the treatment.

Does nicotine make lip filler dissolve?

Smoking after lip fillers will not affect the outcome of your treatment. However, smoking is known to dry out the skin and has been linked to premature ageing, so we would advise you refrain from smoking immediately post-procedure.

What not to drink after lip fillers?

Food & drink to avoid

– Alcohol – though it's tempting to toast to your lovely results, drinking in the first 24 hours could lead to bruising and swelling. – Caffeine – whether in food or drink form, could slow down the healing process as it can cause dehydration.

What happens if you drink from a straw after lip filler?

Do not drink from a straw, as puckering your lips can put pressure on your lips and cause pain and swelling.

What not to do before dissolving lip filler?

The hyaluronidase simply dissolves the hyaluronic acid based filler, returning the area to its natural shape and size. It's recommended to avoid medications that thin the blood for the 3 days before your appointment unless instructed by your doctor. This includes ibuprofen or aspirin.

Does arnica work for lip injections?

Arnica is a homeopathic supplement that can help decrease bruising and swelling. We recommend taking this to all our patients prior to any injections and surgical procedures.

Does massaging lip filler make it dissolve faster?

This means patients can be stuck with their bad results for quite a long time before filler dissolves. Depending on the product we're talking months or even years! Massage can encourage the filler to be broken up by the body more quickly.

How do you soften lip fillers?

After your first injection has settled and healed, any undesired aesthetic effects can be fixed with a touch-up injection. Your doctor may use hyaluronidase, an injectable enzyme that will break down large lumps of the hyaluronic acid.

Will touching filler move it?

Although extremely rare, dermal fillers are able to migrate within the skin if consistent and adequate pressure is applied to them. For this reason, we advise patients not to get a facial, massage (on the treated skin), or microdermabrasion for the first two weeks following their filler injections.

Can filler move if you press on it?

“[The filler] is a gel and it can move if you're pressing on it,” she says. Sleeping on your face, receiving a facial, intense kissing, and pressing on swollen areas are all absolute no-gos for the first month of healing.

How long does it take for lip filler to dissolve naturally?

Because dermal fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring skin compound, they are naturally dissolved by your body over a period of 6 – 18 months.

Can you massage filler out of lips?

3. DON'T: massage your lips. Trust me…it's tempting to touch those newly luscious lips but leave well enough alone. Massaging freshly injected lips risks moving the filler around causing the possibility of desportation and undesirable results.

How do you make filler swelling go down?

Apply Ice – While it's not recommended that patients put much pressure on their injection sites, gently applying ice to the treated areas can help reduce swelling. Avoid Exercising – An increased heart rate will cause your injection sites to swell; therefore, Dr.

Does ibuprofen reduce lip filler swelling?

Can you Take Painkillers After Lip Filler? Painkillers like Tylenol are generally fine to manage any pain or swelling after getting lip filler. NSAID pain relievers like ibuprofen or Motrin should be avoided because they also act as blood thinners, which can increase bruising and swelling.


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